Wenjie, Kang


2022 is the "Year of Generations" or even "Year of Breaking Generations" for all old markets in the world, and it is also the "Year of Initiation" for various new fields; . Due to the chance meeting, the current meeting of the Association is going through synchronously with the giant wheel of the times, and the members have also seen the facts and principles of the changes that are taking place one by one.

Similarly, 2022 is also the "Year of Duan Dai" of the Association, and at the same time ushers in the "Year of Rebirth" of the current session of the Association. The twelfth service team of the association is bound to lead all members to shoulder the opportunity of leapfrogging in its prosperity, and at the same time, it is bound to advance bravely in the cusp of this new lighting era! The seniors, seniors, and Wenjie here are all equally lucky people, having encountered such a special era and era!

In the past, there were some ideas in the previous sessions of the association, but they were unable to effectively start to do them; In the blink of an eye, there are all the things that we must do and have to do right now.

I am fortunate and grateful to all of you for your help and support. This year, Wen Jie joined hands with previous directors and service teams, adhering to the spirit of appreciating blessings and receiving, giving thanks and giving back as always, serving the industry, serving members, and serving the market. With the positioning of keeping pace with the times, establish a new concept of organization and management; plan service projects and projects from the height of the future; use integrated and multi-faceted cross-border conference services, resource integration and specific actions to complete the meeting. The new positioning, new height and innovation value-added mission of re-engineering.

"Smart technology and sustainable operation" is the goal of this year's work; I believe it is also a new milestone for all member companies! Let us wish and encourage each other and help each other, bless our conference business to flourish, bless our enterprise technology wisdom and sustainable operation! Wishing us and our family all the best of health, success and success!