Songyang, Feng


Lighting is the foundation of my entrepreneurship. Since having joined TLFEA in 1989, the year it established, I have witnessed the rise, fall and renaissance of the industry. All these years, I have seen the growth of TLFEA and have been kindly guided by so many seniors. Seeing so many new blood joined us, I think it is the right time to devote myself to strengthen the organization. With the support from so many members, I am elected as the 11th Chairman of TLFEA.

Under the leadership of previous Chairmans, TLFEA has been instructed by government to connect to relevant units, to intensify the communication with members, to strengthen our role as the communication platform between government and lighting industry, and to acquainted members with our service. Encountering the prosperous development of LED lighting in global market, we greet lots of start-up companies. Our membership continuously increase, more than 850 companies accumulate the immense working population. The scale of industry attaches great importance. By virtue of the achievement above, TLFEA won the premium award of Performance Evaluation of Ministry of Interior Taiwan in over thousands of associations. I inherit the solid foundation from former Chairman, Mr. Huang, with honor and conscientiousness. I will make all-out efforts to preserve the success made by predecessors then to carry forward the organization.

“Unity of success of last ten sessions, is an impregnable stronghold”, is the main prospect of my term. TLFEA is the 30th year now since founded, as long as the demand of human life remains, the lighting industry will carry on for good. In previous years, predecessors had built a concrete foundation in three decades, such effort shall not be in vain. In next 3 years, scrupulously abide by the purposes of TLFEA, reinforce our role as the communication platform, to strive for more government's policies that benefit lighting industry, to strengthen the cooperation with external organization, to keep focusing on global cooperation. We will make TLFEA organization stronger and greater, and unite all our members to lead the industry to the peak.