The association was founded in 1989 in Taipei, Taiwan. TLFEA is an organization composed of manufacturers, distributors in the field of lighting fixture industry. The purposes of the association are to promote international trade, and perform functions and activities in order to enhance the communications and interactions among members for better services to their customers in the market. TLFEA has been well managed by the Directors and Supervisors along with their staffs in the past and present. Under their leadership, it has been enjoying a good reputation. As a result of their earnest work and efforts, the number of members has now arisen to above 800 mark from the original number of 70’s at the outset of this association. Moreover, the number of sponsoring membership stands now at over a hundred. This is a robust and well-organized organization. It has been receiving numerous awards from Taiwan’s Ministry of Interior, which is our regulating and supervisory government office. The association is well regarded by the industry and the public for its good performance.

TLFEA is organized in the following manner:

There is a general assembly which is made up of representatives from the members. Under the general assembly, there are two boards in place namely
1. The Board of Directors.
2. The Board of Supervisors.

The Board of Directors assumes the function of planning and development for the lighting fixture industry both here in Taiwan and abroad. Whereas the Board of Supervisors serves as an overseeing role in implementing policies and regulations for the industry.

In order to effectively serve the members, the Board of Directors has set up eight committees and a branch Guandong Taiwanese Lighting Manufacturers’ liaison office. These committees include Illumination Technics, Optics and Electronics Technology, Lighting Internet, International Affairs, Publication Editor, Relationship among Members, Exhibition Affairs etc. They are to promote competitiveness, research in new technology, expansion into foreign countries on behalf of members in the association. Finally, it can be said that the association for all it does is aimed at nothing but serving its members. These services include the hosting of the Taipei International Lighting Fair, facilitating the cross - strait exchange of technology, helping the new design of the products, holding seminars, improving the international trade environment, providing trade leads and broadcasting the decrees and regulations to the members etc. With these efforts, a healthy and co-operative community of Lighting Fixture Industry may be fostered for the good of members’ business success in the future.