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Taiwan Lighting Businessmen's Club

    1.Making further effort to help legalize all Taiwan lighting associated. The Taiwan Lighting Associate Club has been allowed progression since 1995,
       and the preparatory meeting for the Taiwan Lighting Associate Club is being set up in Dongguang, Guang Tung Province in March 1996. However, it
       is difficult to make the associate club lawful due to the restrictions enforced by local law. The Committee expects to overcome the difficulties in near
    2.To hold regional social activities for Taiwan Lighting Associates. Because the Taiwan Lighting Associates are located in various places throughout
       Mainland chinese, it is not easy to gather all the associates together. Therefore the Committee has decided to hold regional social activities. The first
       regional social activity book place during March if this year in Dongguang, Guang Tung and received good response. The Committee, for this year, will
       hold the same activities in other regions if there is no resistance.

    3.To strengthen relationships with and help the Association Members in Mainland chinese. The Committee will give as much assistance as the Taiwan
       Lighting Associates may need.
    4.To provide the associates with business information. The Committee will try to collect as much market information as possible and pass it on to the
       associate members.
    5.To provide consulting services for investment . The Committee will furnish the associates with information related to investment in Mainland chinese.

Committee of Illumination Technics

Committee of Publication Editor

Committee of Relationship Among Members

Committee of Export to Japan

Committee of Lighting Certification

Taiwan Light Businessmen Club in Guangdong

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