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Committee of Policy Advise

To strengthen the Committee organization and services:

    1.The number of committee-persons in the Committee of policy Advise will be increased from the current 5-15 to 5-25. The TLFEA executive directors
       and the associate pioneers will be given priority for selection.

    2.To recommend that the committee-persons, according to their individual abilities, act as the consultants of the Committee to provide direct services.

To promote the execution of TLFEA Quality Standard Mark. The Committee of Policy Advice would suggest the Committee of Illumination Technics to positively promote the formation of the TLFEA Standard Mark for quality products.

To promote the establishment of a consistent category and representative code for lighting products. In addition to the TLFEA year Book, Buyers' Guide, and Lighting Monthly issues, which are published regularly by the association, the Committee of Policy Advise, for the convenience of associate members, suggest the Committee of Illumination Technics to make a draft for the establishment of consistent lighting product category and representative codes.

Committee of Illumination Technics

Committee of Publication Editor

Committee of Relationship Among Members

Committee of Export to Japan

Committee of Lighting Certification

Taiwan Light Businessmen Club in Guangdong

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